Liana is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) operating in the field of development cooperation. It was established and registered in 2005 in Finland. In 2008 it was registered in Tanzania.

The organisation was established to link local development initiatives with expertise, resources, information and knowledge. Its role is advisory and supportive, aiming at building capacity through joint learning. It works through farmer groups, local development organisations and/or local governments with whom it implements collaborative projects and activities. 

Liana focuses its interventions on the most vulnerable groups, starting its work from problems perceived by the people themselves as the most critical. 

Liana aims to base all its activities on best evidence and understanding that comes from: 

  1. Lessons learned from practical development interventions
  2. Local knowledge
  3. The wide existing scientific knowledge base
  4. Analysing and interpreting the relevance of information to local problems

Liana is well equipped by its strong human resources to generate more information by conducting experiments and surveys with its partners, and learning from other fields. Liana Regular members are development and development research professionals. When necessary Liana recruits professionals from outside the organisation as volunteers. 

Liana works as a network. We do not have an office or office costs, and we do not pay anyone for administrative work except if it is budgeted within a project budget. 

Any funds Liana receives as donations or supporting members' membership fees are used for actual development activities that fulfill our purpose.


"You don't need to immediately eliminate world poverty,
bring world peace or save the environment.
You just have to do whatever you discover works with your modest resources
to make a difference in the lives of the poor." 
(William Easterly, The White Man's Burden, 2006)


Liana constitution          Strategic plan & Operating principles   

Registration number in Finland 192.207, Y-tunnus/Business Identification Number 1982505-3. Liana registration in Tanzania OONGO/0457, International NGO, Mainland of Tanzania as area of operations.

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