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Photos of the project Save firewood by improved stoves in Mwanga, Tanzania

Village meetings in seven villages in April 2010 started the project

Lorena mud stove building courses in September 2010 were open to all those who applied

Solar cooking and cookit building course in Mwanga, Sept 2011

Photos of the project Improving rural livelihoods by rainwater harvesting in the lowlands of Mt.Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

First meetings for awareness raising in four villages

22-28 Nov 2006 

(photos only from Matala)

Second set of village meetings 

4-9 Jan 2007

(from all four pilot villages)

The first demonstration tank / Fundi training started

26 Feb 2007 >>

Tank building step by step


Building gutters and teaching gutter building

March 2007 >>


Training at AVRDC/World Vegetable Centre

Two days in July, Aug and Sept 2007


Seedbed establishment on farms

19 July 2007 >>

On-farm training in crops and drip irrigation: Establishment of drip irrigated kitchen gardens

15-16 & 19 Oct (& one training in Dec) 2007.


Training on live fences:

Species selection and nursery establishment

2nd, 3rd and 5th May 2008

Bucket drip irrigation kit


 Tank fundis were taught how to build household size brick and cement stoves, Dec 2010

Fundis were taught how to build a firewood saving school stove. Matala, january 2011

Second course to fundis to build a school stove, in Makaa in May 2011 


Photos of the Kikapu project: Kapedo basketry workshop for women to create new designs and products for better marketing and income generation (April-May 2008)

Working hard: photos of the workshop

The official closing ceremony

Some photos of Kapedo village and its people

The last morning... saying good bye

Planting trees with women in Olepolos April 20-21 2006