Preparation of a planting bed for a drip irrigated garden

According to Sijali, Isaya V 2001. Drip irrigation, Options for smallholder farmers in eastern and southern Africa

1. Lay out the planting bed depending on the lenght, specing and number of drip lines

2. Excavate hallow trenches (15-30cm deep) lengthwise where the row of crops will be planted. (Liana projects have taught to excavate the whole 7.5 x 2 m area. Mark it by string before starting to excavate).

3. Place plant stover or green material in the trench to a depth of about 15cm.

4. Add a 5.10 cm layer of fresh manure on top of the green material.

5. Cover the trench and level the ground to form a raised bed 10-20cm above the aisles. (Liana project have taught farmers to mix manure to the soil that was piled both sides of the excavated area before returning it on top of the green material and manure).