What does Liana do in 2021?

We help schools in Tanzania, in Rombo, Mwanga and Moshi districts:

  1. To build rainwater harvesting tanks of 30,000 liters so that children would not need to carry water to school and that there would be enough water for handwashing
  2. To build proper stoves that save 50-75% firewood compared to the traditional three-stone fire, prevent harmful indoor smoke and make kitchen safer
  3. To acquire handwashing kits near toilets for improved health through hand hygiene together with educational materials on the importance of hand hygiene
  4. To start growing tree seedlings by using wastewater from handwashing and the school kitchen for environmental conservation and environmental education (and finally to grow enough trees for the school’s firewood need)

Join us to visit some schools that Liana has worked with in Northern Tanzania! These films are from early March 2021.

What is Liana?

Liana is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) operating in the field of development cooperation. It was registered in 2005 in Finland. Its purpose is to use holistic approaches that combine improving the state of the environment and human well-being. 

It links local development initiatives with expertise, resources, information and knowledge. Its role is advisory and supportive, aiming at building capacity through joint responsibility and joint learning. It focuses its interventions on the most vulnerable groups and works on problems perceived by the people themselves as the most critical. It works through local development organisations with whom it implements collaborative projects and activities. Read about past and current activities from here.

Liana bases its activities on best evidence and understanding that comes from:
  1. Lessons learned from practical development interventions
  2. Local knowledge
  3. Existing scientific knowledge base
  4. Analysing and interpreting the relevance of information to local problems. Liana is well equipped by its strong human resources to generate more information by conducting experiments and surveys with its partners, and learning from other fields.

All Liana Regular members have extensive knowledge, skills and experience to function in the organisation. When necessary Liana recruits experts from outside the organisation as volunteers or local trainers. Anyone can become a Supporting member. Read more on how to become a member here.

Liana works as a network. Our administration in Finland is done on a voluntary basis. All donations are used entirely in development activities. 

Why we selected the name Liana can be understood from the image captions on the right.  

"You don't need to immediately eliminate world poverty,
bring world peace or save the environment.
You just have to do whatever you discover works with your modest resources
to make a difference in the lives of the poor."
(William Easterly, The White Man's Burden, 2006)

Registration number in Finland 192.207, Y-tunnus / Business Id Number 1982505-3 

Lianas reach to attain new heights...

Lianas connect, link and form networks...

Lianas seem to have no beginning and no end...

Lianas can be used for climbing...

Lianas use existing structures...

Lianas are beautiful...