Fundraising for school water tanks and stoves

Liana has just opened a fundraising campaign to raise funds for building 30 cubic meter rainwater harvesting tanks and firewood saving stoves for schools in Rombo Tanzania. The campaign is here: .

Water tanks and stoves are built on a cost sharing basis with the schools contributing 15 % of the total cost.

One tank of 30,000 litres costs 920 euros (800 +15% = 920, sometimes slightly over if the school is far and transportation of materials is more expensive). Labour cost included in this price is 245 euros (which is as well a local benefit and returns back to the village economy… compared to buying ready-made tanks that enrich the rich). And this is what it looks like:

A stove is 230 euros (200 + 15%  = 230). Labour cost included in the prices is 59 euros. It is built to fit the sizes of sufferias that the school uses. Thus the size differs a bit from school to school, but 230 is the average for two large sufferias and one small (the small sufferia is for teachers:-). The sufferia sits up to its rim inside the stove so that hot fumes and flames heat it also from the sides. Fire chambers are rather small so one cannot feed ‘too much’ firewood in them. We have built over 20 of these in Mwanga district and schools reported 50-75% (!) savings in firewood. So the model is very efficient indeed. And this is how it looks like (a newly built from September):

There are schools ready with their self-contribution and are eagerly waiting for our assistance. We will respond immediately when we have the needed sum for a tank or a stove. Local builders are ready too.

We hope that you can join us in this challenge. We will use all the funds for building stoves and water tanks (materials, labour costs of local builders, and transport of materials). No funds will be used for administration.