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Check-dam building in March 2019 in Yam Makaa

Ric's visit to Rombo in July 2018

Designing and building a hand washing facility for schools

Tree planting at Mterini primary April 2018

Water tank at Kwamaksau primary school Feb 2018

Stove at Mkuini primary January 2018

Stove building at Kaheusseri and Marieni in Dec 2017

Building a water tank at Mawanda Mkei Primary 21-30 Oct 2017

Building a stove at Mterini pri school, Sept 2017

Building a 30,000 litre ferro-cement tank at Mterini primary school, Aug 2017

Rainwater harvesting tank building starts at Mterini primary school, Aug 2017

Photos from the monitoring trips in 2015 and 2016

Building a jug tank in Yam Makaa in 2015 as builder training

Second visit by Nature club students to Makoa farm, 2015

Students of a Nature club visit Makoa farm, 2015

Builders learning to build a school rainwater harvesting tank and a small tank, 2014

Video (13 min) Lianan hankkeista Tansaniassa

Video (13 min) about Liana projects in Tanzania

Galleries of project activities 2009-2013

Providing over 1300 seedlings to farmer groups in April 2013

Jaina helping farmers in Lembeni to graft their avocado seedlings, Feb 2013

Grafting avocado seedling in Sept 2012

Kitchen garden training June 2011

Second set of farmers on a 2-day horticultural course at Tengeru Jan 2011

54 farmers taken to AVRDC (World Vegetable Centre) for a 2-day course

Stove building training in April 2010: Complete sequence

Nursery training in 5 villages. 96 farmers started a 10 tree nursery

Theory training in improved stoves to 5 groups (out of 15) Nov 2009

Demo and group tanks May-Oct 2009

Celebrating demo tank at Kaili primary school 2nd June 2009

Second village meetings 11-18 March 2009

Study tour to Makanya and Himo 24-25 Feb 2009

First awareness raising meetings in 5 villages 10-18 Feb 2009

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