New terraces to protect farmland in Yam Makaa

February 9, 2019 admin

Here are some photos of contour measuring and terracing in Yam Makaa. Towards the end of January we had realised that things will not start moving on out of farmers’ own initiative after the Christmas break. So a schedule has now been created in which each farmer can book a time when to get help in measuring contours.
As the work started to progress again it was obvious that the method the fundi (expert/builder) had taught in December needs improving. It was too slow and difficult to handle and lacked accuracy  – only a water tube without things to hold or exact levels to read.

Thanks to useful YouTube films and with instructive illustrations from a manual by that could be sent by Whatsapp, Ndanu was able to build a proper contour measuring tube, the so called bunyip.  (Water Tube Level for Surveying)  (Learn how to Make a Bunyip Water Level with Brad Lancaster)

Here is the link to the illustrations on how it works:

So now we are up to the task.  Below Ndanu with the bunyip.

Ndanu helping the head teacher of Nanga primary on her field. And more farmers’ names appear on the schedule.
Newly made fanya juu terracing. Labourers making terraces on the distant farm.

The plan is to first get the land along the selected erosion gully protected and then at the beginning of March before the rains start build check-dams to stop the gully. Part of the erosion gully in the photo below.

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