Tank building started at Mterini Primary, Rombo

August 5, 2017 admin

Activities started yesterday at Mterini Primary school. Initial visits were done in June when Ndanu visited the head teachers of four schools with photos and information about the activities (rainwater harvesting tank, hand washing facility, tree nursery using recycled water and education sessions).

We presented this opportunity to four schools hoping that one would be ready with the school’s own contributions by early August when Ric visits Tanzania for work. However, all schools were eager and started immediately collecting money and materials. We had money for one school only and selected Mterini to start with. The rest were assured that we will help them as/when we get more funds.

Materials were bought yesterday, on the 4th August and building started today. The head teacher of the school is very eager to improve school facilities. He has already organised a hand washing facility based on the photo shown to him on the first visit. And they are building a kitchen building in order to have the stove. It is a real pleasure to help people who are eager.

Below are a couple of photos sent by Ndanu. My old phone serves there now. Eija