£2000 from Stats4SD

November 24, 2020 admin

We are grateful to announce that we have again received a grant from Stats4SD for our work in Tanzania. Stats4SD Managing director Carlos writes as follows:

“It is great to be partner with Liana on these efforts, and I, as well as my colleagues at Stats4SD, are grateful to Liana for creating a channel for us to contribute. … Also, it is clear to us that the projects Liana supports make an important difference on the ground.”

It is really great that Stats4SD trusts our work and sees the meaning of it. I have tried to be as transparent and communicative about the work as possible. And our work does come as a direct response to the local needs of the most vulnerable part of the society, the children. The need of better water supplies is also more acute than ever before due to the pandemic. But so is the need of cooking in a more environmentally friendly way and in a cleaner way very essential for our precious planet and health.