Water tank at Kitongoria primary

September 5, 2019 admin

A water tank and gutters were completed at Kitongoria primary school on the 4th of September. Kitongoria primary has also earlier obtained a stove and hand washing kits through Liana.

The tank was built by Ndanu, Iddy, Antipas and Mandela. Gutters were built by Daudi. It is interesting that all the tank builders except Ndanu have been trained by Ndanu since our donor funded projects. This is exceptional! Tell this to all those who lament that everything collapses after a development project ends.

The tank was funded by Rebecca and J-P and M – in addition to a considerable contribution from the school (about 260€). A big thank you to all donors and other supporters of this work.

Kitongoria primary has requested help in getting polythen bags to establish a tree nursery. Liana will be happy to help with this modest request as it is part of the deal that waste water from hand washing will be used to improve the environment by growing trees.

Unloading the materials
Tying the sacks before plastering

Mandela, Antipasi and Iddy with the wire mesh
Plastering from inside. Mandela and Iddy
… and outside
7th graders and the head teacher in front of the newly built tank
Daudi hanging the gutters (gutters are first constructed on-site from iron sheets)
Thank you to the donors
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