Water tank completed at Kwakoa primary

September 12, 2021 admin

Builders completed the second SGG (Sustainable Global Gardens) water tank in Mwanga on Thursday. This tank was built for Kwakoa primary school on the southern end of Pare mountains in the lowlands. Builders were Ndanu, Musa, Ernest, Daudi and Dhahiri. The last one is a builder who was trained to build school stoves in the Liana stove project. Working in a team is beneficial, as builders can expand their skills. Thank you to Paul and Carole for this collaborative work with their organisation SGG.

This was the first building site where builders used their new sleeping bags. They are thankful for the comfort. The school also provided mattresses as usual.

Ernest and Musa carrying the wiremesh.
Left to right: Dhahiri, Daudi, Ndanu, Musa.
From left to right: Dhahiri, Daudi, Musa, Ernest.
Musa sitting, Daudi holding a piece of pipe. Both are gutter builders.