Water tank for Kwamaksau primary

August 10, 2019 admin

“In memory of Jukka”, reads on this new tank at Kwamaksau primary school. Jukka was the spouse of Kirsi. Kirsi is a Liana member and a long term board member. She was one of the first ones who joined Liana in 2005.

Jukka was unwell during the whole autumn and in January his state worsened. On the 31 of Jan started the hospital cycle that did not bring any help. Jukka passed away peacefully on Wednesday night on the 3 of April. ” (Mail from Kirsi)

Jukka and Kirsi were involved in Liana work already in 2008. Liana collected 2500 euros which was used for emergency assistance in Kibera slum during the post election violence. Together with Kirsi and Jukka we transported the food and blankets along deserted roads of Nairobi from Gigiri to the edge of Kibera slum. Groups of riot police with shields and batons were having a rest in Hurlingham roundabout. Kirsi’s little RAV4 was shock-full. Agnes Musau from ‘Drug Fighters and Counseling for the Young Generation’ received the food and blankets and distributed to the most vulnerable and those whose houses had been burned down (photos below) .

Kwamaksau primary school is in the lowest part of Rombo where the farmland borders natural bushlands. This school has now two tanks.

The tank was built by Elias, Ernest, Florence, Rama and Daudi. Daudi also built the gutters. It was funded, in addition to the school’s own contribution, by Liana members.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support Liana’s work in Tanzania. Our warmest greetings to Kirsi far in the North by the Arctic sea.

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