Water tank for Mawanda Mkei

Work started yesterday at Mawanda Mkei primary school in Rombo, Tanzania. Ndanu purchased materials during Friday and Saturday. The rest of the builders, that is, Florence, Ernest, Tumaini and Musa, got to the school on Saturday and started building. Here are some photos from Ndanu.

Musa preparing the building site.

Children inspecting the joints of the wall grid.

Ndanu with pipes and iron bars.

Tea on Saturday morning at the school. Builders sleep on site during the eight days of building. The school provides them accommodation and food. This is not work suitable for people who depend on their comforts too much!

But it’s worth it. Children will have a safe source of water and they don’t any more need to carry water to school every day. This valuable work has been made possible by the generosity of individual donors through Liana.