Water tank at Simbomu secondary school

Simbomu secondary school has just built a rainwater harvesting tank. Builders were Ndanu, Ernest, Mussa, Rama and Saidi. Juma, the apprentice was also in the team. Saidi is the son of Daudi, one of the original builders who was trained in Liana’s Mwanga project in 2009. Fathers pass a skill and a profession to the next generation. That’s great. Job opportunities are scarce and self-employment often the only alternative for the youth. And builders are always needed.

The tank was funded by J-P and M, and Heidi. Thank you!!

This school would need a lot of support in improving their environment. It is exceptionally bleak, given that most secondary schools have put a lot of effort in planting trees and flowers to make their area attractive. Now they have signed an agreement that the tank water is used twice, first for hand washing and kitchen and the dirty water passed on to seedlings.

The school is on a sharp slope on the Pare mountains overlooking Kifaru, through one needs to get there by using the main road from Mwanga.

The school needs urgently help with their kitchen. Their enormous stove is totally broken and it does not have a chimney. Soon the builders will be there again.

On the edge of the mountain
Juma taking notes as Mussa instructs before bed time.
The stove in the kitchen is totally broken and sends all the smoke inside the kitchen (no chimney at all)
Mussa making gutters
Admiring the handwashing kits